The Orchestra

La Juan D´Arienzo

The La Juan D' Arienzo tango orchestra took shape at the end of 2012 with the idea of keeping alive the unmistakable style of the composer La Juan D' Arienzo.

A new generation of musicians, empowered with rhythm, energy, and strength, have managed to recreate the marvelous repertoire of Arienzo's orchestra, bringing it once more in Buenos Aires and all of Argentina.

The Orchestra consists of: 4 Bandoneones, 3 Violins, Piano and Double Bass along with the voices of Fernando Rodas, Alberto Bianco and Alberto Medina.

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The Performers

Roberto Herrera

Teacher, choreographer and dancer has been recognized among the best of all ages and is a part of the history of Tango.

His dancing and teaching style are considered of high standards all over the world.

Roberto Herrera in tango he combines tradition with innovation and experimentation. His teaching is known all over the world. He has been acknowledged as one of the influential persons in traditional tango and in the more innovative forms of its artistic expression.

In 2013 with Myma Gill they have opened Academia Herrera Europa e Milano, a school of high level of Tango.

Lead dancer and assistant choreographer of National Ballet of Argentina. Director of Santiago Ayaela "El Chucaro" e Norma Viola. Solo dancer with big tango orchestras with whom he traveled the world. Creator and choreographer of shows which have been presented in scenes all over the world. Director of the tango group Roberto Herrera with 400 appearances around the world. He just finished his last tour with his group and his new play EL TANGO, of which he is the creator, choreographer and lead dancer, they closed the tour in the theater Arcimboldi di Milano.


23-25 MAY 2017 in CASA ARGENTINA ( Pittaki 10, Athens)

23 May 20.00-22.00
24 May 19.00-21.00
25 May 19.00-21.00

Total cost 60 Euro (payable by bank deposit at ALPHA BANK IBAN GR1301404210421002786036074)

Limited places available.

You can reserve a place for the seminar by sending an email at or our contact form, You will receive your participation confirmation after we receive your deposit slip from the bank payment. With this deposit slip you will enter the seminar.

Andrea Kuna (Guest Dancer)

Studied in the National University of Arts of Argentina, coordination, choreography and dance. In 2007 she graduated from the Academy of Argentine Tango(Aceta).

She worked with famous maestros of Tango. She participated in Santa Buenos Aires, Coleccion Tango, Infinito Tango y Teltralogia with the team of Leonardo Cuello. Balvanera Tango (under the direction of Carlos Borquez), Buenos Aires de Ayer, Hoy y Siempre, Buenos Aires Pasión de Tango, with Alma de Tango and El Viejo Criado, of Roberto Cossa.

Danced in the gala del día Internacional de la Danza which was organized by el Conc ejo Argen;no de la Danza, and in the Festival Rojas, the 9º Festival Cambalache, and in the Festival Inspiración de la Revista Tangauta and in the Festival de Video Danza de Centro Cultural de Munro στο Buenos Aires. In the 1º, 2º και 4° Intercambio Artistico Torino-Buenos Aires, in the festival Buenos Aires Tango 2014 del Auditorium Parco della Musica in Roma and in the Festival Torino Danza en Italia.

In the Festival Zhangjiajieinternational Country Musicweek in China.

She became a member of the elite team of Argentina representing the area of

Misiones. She has also worked in Buenos Aires in the show de La ventana, El Viejo Almacén, Complejo Tango, La Aurora del Tango y La Casa de Aníbal Troilo. In 2016 she coordinated and was responsible for the organization of Danza del Teatro Municipal Gregorio De Laferrere en Morón and in the Universidad Nacional de las artes as assistant choreographer in Cátedra Szperling in Departamento de Artes del Movimiento.

Ramiro Gabriel Valerio Lemes

Born in 1979 in Argentina, Ramiro is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher.

He graduated in 1995 from the Misiones Dance Academy Of Argentina as an Argentine folklore and tango dancer and teacher.

Between 1996 and 2000 he served as a member of the official Misiones team performing in Argentina, South America, and Europe. Through 1998 to 2000 he participated in the Tren Cultural project, teaching traditional Argentine and tango dancing. In 1999 and 2000 he danced at the Cosquín Festival and performed for Mariano Mores in worldwide tours.

He arrived in Greece in 2003 and from 2004 he started working as a tango teacher. In 2011 he opens his own tango school, Casa Argentina, which he operates till today. He DJs his own praktika and milonga and delivers free and paid introductory seminars and workshops all over Greece.

He is the official Argentine cultural representative in Greece and has worked closely with the Argentine Embasy. He has collaborated with the Dora Stratou dance school, Rodopi Kouvari, and ITIP. He is a member of Asociacion Latino Americana de Danzas and UNESCO.

Ariel Perez and Margarita Plessa

Ariel Perez is a Argentine dancer, actor and singer. He started his career as a dancer in Ballet Folclorico Nacional de Argentina under the direction of Santiago Ayala and Norma Viola making his first appearance in the theatre colon of Buenos Aires followed by tours in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Bulgaria.

After that he danced with tango folklore team “Los Creadores” lead by Ariel Ramires and Mariano Mores.

He is a well known dancer of tango having performed in many famous scenes in Buenos Aires and in world tours with famous companies such as “Mario Montes”, “Tangox2”, “Tango Seducción”and as an singer and dancer in “Compania de Tango Folklore Argentino” of Roberto Herrera and as an actor and dancer in musical “Chantecler” having a leading role. He has danced in the movies “Tango” of Carlos Saura and ”Εvita” of Alan Parker. He has tought tango and folclore Argentino in the most popular dance schools in Buenos Aires Αργεντινής (Escuela Argentina C. C.BORGES, Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires, milοnga La Viruta),he also gives seminars around the world and he has also been a member of the judge committe in dance festivals (Festival Nacional del Malambo de la Borde and Festival Nacional de Folclore de Cosquin in Cordoba). In 2012, out of his need to combine his acting, singing and dancing ,he establishes together with Margarita Plessa the company "Acuarela" and directs the musical “Acuarela de Tango” and the show ”Αires de Argentina” with which they have toured in Cuba,Mexico, Perou and Greece.

Margarita Plessa is a Tango dancer and painter. She is a distinguished graduate of the art school of Genova in Italy, with studies in performance art, staging, theatre costumes, and classical, modern dance. The last 10 years she is working combining the tango with various art forms. In 2007 and for 5 years she was the art director of the company Art Latino and she then created with Ariel Perez the company Acuarela of which she is a dancer ,dress designer and scene designer.From 2012 she is dancing with Ariel in various theatres around the world and they are teaching the tango together in their atelier in Athens and in numerous schools in Buenos Aires.

Manos Armenakis and Stavroula Dimopoulou

Manos started dancing from a very young age. He started with Greek traditional dances, ballet and modern and later he became a latin dance teacher.

He has given lessons in Gene Kelly schools and later at the well known ballet school Kouvari dance school . He discovered Tango Argentino in 2000,in Serestra company school where he took modern classes, from Pablo Medici and Veronice Kuttel. He has taken numerous seminars, from which the most important in 2003 with Pablo Veron. He has also taken funky jass and Hip Hop classes.

Stavroula Dimopoulou bio

I started my dance experience with ballet and gymnastics. I then occupied myself with Greek, Latin and European ballroom dances. That was when I first saw some shows of Tango and Flamengo. At that moment I felt I belonged . I have studied Tango for 11 years through lessons and seminars with various famous maestros. The felling that won me over has become stronger over the years of my experience.

I have realized through the process of learning in depth Tango and Flamengo apart from the enjoyable feeling you get by dancing , the therapeutic effect they have on the person.

Ariel Fuhr and Peggy Dadaki

Ariel Fuhr and Peggy Dadaki met in Buenos Aires in 2006 and since then, they live and work together. Their love for tango is deeply expressed both through teaching and dancing. They are both students of the great teacher Rodolfo Dinzel. They work on technical improvisation, on communication of the couple, on authenticity of the movement. In this way dancing aquires dynamics, clarity, imagination ... sense... They teach and dance in various Tango Festivals in Greece and abroad as well as participate in Tango performances with major dance companies. Together they created CATEDRAL, a school of Tango Argentino in Athens, with the signature of CETBA (Universidad del Tango, Centro Educativo del Tango de Buenos Aires). They teach the “SYSTEMA DINZEL” being the official representatives in Greece of DINZEL INTERNACIONAL and giving the opportunity for professional dancers to obtain a Teaching Tango Certificate.

Lucas Balokas and Georgia Priskou

Lucas and Georgia had their first contact with Argentine Tango together in 2000. They since have taken numerous classes and seminars on Tango and they have stayed for a long period of time in Buenos Aires and have studied the Tango in various Argentine tango schools. Through the many years of studying and dancing the Tango they have created their own style which they are teaching to their students. Being one of the first couples of Argentine Tango in Athens they have contributed in spreading the Tango in Greece. In september 2011 they managed to realize their dream and opened their own space for Tango. The last 10 years Lukas and Georgia are participating dancing and teaching in the biggest festivals of tango in Greece and abroad while they also appear in theatres as members of dancing groups.

Gabriel Marino came recently to Greece from Argentina where he was born and grew up.

In July 2011 he was European champion of the Pan European championship ( Torino,Italy) and he was a finalist in the world championship in Buenos Aires for Tango Salon and Tango Escenario. He teaches, dances and is a choreographer in Greece and is traveling abroad for shows and seminars ( Argentina, England, Turkey, Germany, Italy).

He opened the dance school "El Abrazo' with the idea to create a space dedicated to authentic Tango, like it is being taught and danced in Argentina. In his school tango is being taught in all its forms and in all levels.

He dances with Vasia Thomopoulou since September 2016 participating with success in shows in theatres like Herodus Attikus and Palace theater and also in various Tango Festivals.

Vasia Thomoppoulou is a professional dancer from 2012, she has taken numerous Argentine Tango classes from the big Argentine Tango Maestros, and has taken part in various festivals all around Greece. She teaches in El Abrazo school with Gabriel Marino.

The festival is made possible with the contribution of