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May 24


Welcome speech by Ramiro and the Ambasador of Argentina.

We are honoured to have with us the Maestro del Tango ROBERTO HERRERA who will perform for us together with Athenian Tango teacher couples who will perform traditional Argentine dances with live music and we will end the night with a Milonga for you to dance with known Athens TJs at Polis Art Cafe.

May 25


“La Juan D´Arienzo” Tango Orchestra took shape at the end of 2012 with the idea of keeping alive and performing the unmistakable style of the composer Juan D´Arienzo”. Bringing together a new generation of musicians with a wide background in the tango, now inheritors of a personal mark of one of the most important musicians and arrangers: Carlos Lazzari. With rhythm, energy and strength, these new young elements have managed to recreate the marvelous repertoire of the mythical Juan D´Arienzo Orchestra bringing it back to the Tango and Milonga audience of the City of Buenos Aires and inside the Country. In this short time “La Juan D´Arienzo” has managed to achieve a place in the main Milongas in Argentina and is now bringing their wonderful recreation to an international audience.

Facundo Lazzari: Bandoneon
Nicolas Tognoli: Bandoneon
Ricardo Badaracco: Bandoneon
Adolfo Trepiana: Bandoneon Sebastian Frasson: Violin
Pablo Ginzburg: Violin
Emilio Pagano: Violin
Octavio Bianchi: Violin
Emilio Longo: Double Bass
Pablo Valle: Piano

Having mesmerized Europe again and again they also impressed the Greek audience during their visit last year in Athens. Now they are coming back to do what they know how to do best, play the music that can make us feel like we are in Buenos Aires.

The Orchestra will perform at "Parnassos" filological center at ( Karitsi square) escorted by numerous professional Tango dancers.

After the show you will have the chance to dance at a milonga at Polis art cafe with famous TJ's.

May 26


Tonight you will have the chance to dance to live music played by the orchestra Juan D'Arienzo. We will start with a Tango lesson given by professional tango dancers.You will then have the chance to dance to the wonderful music of the famous Juan D'Arienzo orchestra. This night will end with music played by famous TJ's to dance till the early morning hours.

This nights event will be at the Polis Art Cafe.

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